Mapouka Dance

Published: 15th January 2010
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Mapouka dance is the craziest words in all part of the worlds. The Mapouka dance is born from South West Africa in Ivory Coast in Dabou region. It was performed by the women of West Africa in the noble societies in southwest region.

Mapouka dance was came into focus while it was introduced in the club in the 90s where young women who crooked into sexiest style. It was banned by the local government but it was more popular amongst other past in Africa and now in the world. The not-so erotic style is being performed by both many people in religious function. It has its own cultural and social values for the Ivorian people but everything is out of limit now because new form of Mapouka dance has become popular in the new generation.

The Mapouka dance is popular because of its erotic style where women trembling their buttock energetically. It was really most erotic events where people dance with the music in such condition. Due to adverse effect in the social life, local government prohibits Mapouka dance in 1998. But without restrain it crosses the boundaries and very famous in the world. It is now most popular in western courtiers as well as sub Saharan.

There are various Mapouka dance choreographer perform this dance in major hotels and resort as well as clubs. In the week end days or in the vacation all the people are in the party mood and would like to join the dance party. The Mapouka dance is not limit to the action but people added various flavors like men and women gets naked with limited dresses to enjoy the dance. In the beaches, mainly in South Africa and USA as well as in some European countries Mapouka dance was performing every week with special party.

There are many Mapouka dance groups' charges in thousands of dollars per night to shape up the party environment. There are several teenager group in the cyber space talked lot about the Mapouka dance and also invite their new friends in the party by social networking tools.

Mapouka dance become a global phenomenon and talk of the town for youngsters or party savvy boys. It provides thrilling experience to the people mostly boys and girls. Sometime Mapouka dance is also performing at the beach. In the week end most Islands and clubs at the resorts are already booked for Mapouka dance.

Mapouka dance is not like the erotic dances of the western countries. It is not developed purposefully but it born with the culture. The south West African women perform this dance for fun and enjoy the day under the cultural dignity. The new form of Mapouka dance with skin tight jeans and shorts makes it more erotic. The westernization of the Mapouka dance should be criticized not the original Mapouka dance.
It is worth to mention that the Mapouka is the first kind of traditional dance which is become very popular now days. Ivorian centre for art and culture is now trying to establish the original value of Mapouka dance because it has its own traditional values. The present conflict of westernized or says urbanized Mapouka dance has slitting the subtle fiber of Ivory society. It is time to get the ban such event or bar which can promote mapouka dance in erotic ways.

It has some cultural values not only fun. It is necessary to present this Dance in all part of the world in their original form to reset the value of the Mapaouka dance like other African dance. It is now up to the Ivory people to represent this dance in the Global platform.

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